Delegate’s Corner

The World Service Delegate is an Al-Anon member elected at the Area Assembly to represent all the groups in his or her Area at the annual World Service Conference (WSC). The Delegate is the primary communication link between the groups and the World Service Office (WSO).

Practicing the Twelfth Step offers us an opportunity to share our program in a new way.  We benefit when we practice gratitude, and Al-Anon service is gratitude in action.

 – When I Got Busy, I Got Better 

WSO Volunteer Information


In The Loop

Anyone who wishes to stay in the know with our WSO can receive the monthly news email “In The Loop” from our World Service Office (WSO).  It is free and only takes a few minutes to sign up. 

AFG, Inc. Board of Trustees

Letters from the Chairperson of the Board (COB)

Letters containing information about the most recent Board, Policy, and Finance Committee Meetings.

World Service Conference (WSC)

The World Service Conference makes the group conscience available and effective for all Al‑Anon. It is the practical means by which the group conscience can speak; it is the voice of world Al‑Anon and the guarantee that our world services shall continue to carry on under all conditions.

World Service Conference Workshops and Thought Force/Task Force Presentations

Acceptance of Communities Cultures and Beliefs Workshop

We all have our own communities, cultures and beliefs. As our lives unfold, we expand our horizons by reaching out to experience those communities, cultures, and beliefs, just as we did when we first walked through the doors of Al-Anon.


Surrender in Service Workshop

“Let it begin with me.”
Why let it begin with me? Service is a vital step in learning. Once a person fully understands the concept of learning by helping others, he or she begins to grow personally and as a leader. Our self-esteem grows as we reach out to help others. We become confident in ourselves and our abilities as we practice and develop new
hidden talents.


Service Journey Worksheet

Have you ever thought about your Service story? Where you started, where you are now?


Writing Workshop Guidelines

How to conduct Writing Workshops for a Literature Project or The Forum


Reaching & Unifying Large Geographic Populations Task Force Report

For about 10 years, from 2008-2018, the World Service Conference (WSC) had several conversations about how to unify and bring together groups that are in rural communities and/or separated by large geographical areas (e.g., mountains, desert, open land, etc.). In
2018, the WSC asked that a Task Force (TF) be created to provide tools to help the Areas connect the groups in rural communities and/or large geographical areas.

Task Force Survey Questions

Reaching & Unifying Large Geographic Populations Report

PowerPoint Slides Script

Fear of Change Thought Force Report

Change is constant. We change in little or big ways every day whether we want to or not. In 2020, a Thought Force (ThF) was created to have a thorough discussion on the topic of fear of change. It was charged with discussing what can be done to help members and the links of service overcome their fear of change and completing a Knowledge-Based Decision-Making (KBDM) process to determine what is currently known about this topic and what remains unknown.

The Fear of Change PowerPoint

The Fear of Change Slides Script

The Fearless Thought Force Meets Again Skit

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World Service Office (WSO) Information

Safety in al-anon meetings

Safety is an important issue within Al‑Anon—one that all can address. Open
discussion on the topic can aid groups in developing workable solutions to
safety issues—solutions that are based on the fundamental principles of our
fellowship and that will help keep our meetings safe


Every Al-Anon and Alateen member is encouraged to actively use and study this manual.  It gives a clear and consise picture of the Al-Anon fellowship, its purpose and functions and how it helps us to resolve group problems and maintain unity.

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