Submit Meeting Updates

covid meeting changes
Please use the form below to submit new or updated information regarding meeting changes due to the COVID virus.
Please enter the information for only one meeting per submission. You need to hit submit after entering the information for each meeting.

Below are WSO Guidelines for Temporary Meetings:
If Al-Anon members choose to temporarily set up electronic meetings please use this as a guideline:

The electronic meeting is to be set up at the same time and day as the face-to-face meeting
Once it has been determined to meet electronically, share the information with your Area Group Records Coordinator (AGRC), local Al-Anon Information Service or wherever your meeting information is displayed locally online. This way, newcomers will continue to be able to find meetings within their "community." Many local websites have created lists of meetings that have temporarily closed and are posting the electronic information to replace the meeting, if it has been set up.
If possible, try to place a sign at the physical meeting location directing newcomers how to access the meeting electronically.

Remember that this is a temporary status. Once groups are able to meet again, please remind members to close the various conference call lines and online platforms. We hope this information is helpful.

Please use the checkbox to indicate the type of update you wish to make. You can make multiple update types for the same meeting in a single form entry by selecting more than one checkbox. The form fields that must be filled in are marked with an asterisk -the other fields are optional.