Publishing An Event

Guidelines for Publishing An Event to the Area Webpage Events Calendar

Safety and Anonymity- The Eleventh Tradition states that members should “…always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, film, and TV.” The Internet is considered a form of media, just as TV, radio, and films are, and members should not be identified by full name or pictured on the Web. Never post full names and/or addresses. Be sure you have permission from a member before posting a contact phone number, or first name. Full names should not be used as email addresses in publications or on Web sites.
From Al-Anon Guidelines for Al-Anon Web Sites (G-40)

Affiliation – In keeping with Traditions Three and Six, carefully consider what could be interpreted as affiliation with and/ or endorsement of outside entities. Publicize Al-Anon events or A.A. events with Al-Anon participation, per your district, AIS, or Area guidelines. Avoid the mention of outside events, functions, and retreats (even those geared primarily toward families and friends of alcoholics), including links to outside Websites, unless announcing them as public outreach service opportunities (e.g., participating at an AlAnon booth at a health fair).
From Al-Anon Guidelines for Newsletter Editors (G-21)


Submitting an event to the Website

Click here to submit an event directly to the Area Web Coordinator. Please attach a flyer if you have one.