Group Records Changes

Group Records Changes

“All group changes (e.g., meeting day/time, location, GR contact information, etc.) should be  promptly reported by the GR to his or her DR. It is then the responsibility of the DR to notify the  Area Group Records Coordinator so that the appropriate changes can be made in the Area’s  group records database.”

From the Area 11 Al-Anon/Alateen Assembly Information and Archives Booklet 2020

The Georgia Al-Anon website is now maintaing an Area 11 Meeting Finder on the Meetings page.  It displays information for all of the Al-Anon/Alateen meetings in Georgia.  In order to keep this information current,  the Area Group Records Coordinator must be notified of individual group changes.

How to make Group Records Changes

An online, fillable GR1 form has been created for use by District Representatives in submitting group updates.  


  The pdf version should no longer be used.

This new form includes space for updating Temporary Electronic Meeting information as well as in person meetings.

District Representatives, please use the Group Records Change Form below to complete and submit the GR1 form.  Upon submission, you will receive a copy of the form you submitted.  A copy will be sent automatically to the Area Group Records Coordinator. 

Please refer to the instructions for Filling Out the Group Records Change Form when completing the form.

Group Records Change Form

Instructions For Filling Out the Group Records Change Form