Mens Issues Al-Anon Weekend DATES CHANGED to March 26-28, 2021

Join the Saturday 9:30 AM NABA Club Mens Issues Al-Anon meeting members for a weekend of fellowship and recovery using the principles found in the Al-Anon program.


Previous Event’s Weekend Plan:

10:30AM-4PM Golf in Toccoa, GA (Optional)
4PM-6M Camp Mikell check in and registration
6PM-7PM Dinner
7PM-7:30PM Opening and Welcome
7:30-9PM Workshop 1
7:30AM-8AM Meditation
8AM-8:45AM Breakfast
8:45AM-10AM Workshop 2
10AM-10:15AM Break
10:15AM-11:45AM Workshop 3
12PM-12:45PM Lunch
1PM-2PM Workshop: Whats So Funny? Chris C
2PM-6PM Open time for hiking, reading, relaxing, etc.
6PM-7PM Dinner
7PM-9PM Campfire Speaker Meeting
7:30AM-8AM Meditation
8AM-8:45AM Breakfast
8:45AM-10AM Workshop: Higher Power
10AM-11:15AM Open Mic Meeting, Closing
11:15AM-12PM Check out
12:PM-12:30 Lunch


Semi-private, Shared room: Room is shared with one other participant in a cottage with 2 or 4 rooms. Linens included. All meals included.

Private, Single room: Room has only one person in a cottage with 2 or 4 rooms. Linens included. All meals included.

A $1.50 ticketing fee and a $5 or $6 card processing fee will be added during checkout.

Available rooms are limited by the Camp Mikell which has a space for a fixed number of participants. Please contact the organizer if tickets are sold out to determine whether space is available.

Golf greens fees are excluded from the weekend ticket price and are an addtional charge for participants.

Single day participation is possible, contact the organizer.

There are no “musts” for the weekend and each person can elect to participate in their own way and pace.

This weekend is a non-profit event intended to facilitate Men’s recovery according to the principles of the Al-Anon program.