Area 11 Assembly -January 15th and 16th, 2022

Area 11 Assembly -January 15th and 16th, 2022

This will be a virtual meeting which will be held on the Zoom platform.  Please make sure that you have the  Zoom app downloaded  (Zoom Download Center) onto either your computer or your phone (preferably both, for back-up purposes). 

Here is the link to register. Once you have registered you will be sent an email with the Zoom links for the meetings.

Zoom User Guides and Meeting Process Guides

Please refer to our Zoom user guide and Assembly Meeting Process and Etiquette guide   for a refresh on these topics.

Here is the link to the  Assembly Zoom training document which will help you with downloading Zoom and becoming familiar with the features which will be used during Assembly.

  • Remember in order to vote and participate fully in the meeting you must sign in to the Zoom meeting using the Zoom App on whatever device you are on.
  • Remember to have a paper and pen/pencil with which to make notes.
  • Remember to make a note of the Tech Support number in case you encounter a problem or glitch.  The number is TBD – coming soon
    •  TEXT that number if you have trouble, and you will receive a response.
  • Remember to follow the proper Assembly Procedures and Etiquette < – link will be coming soon for each meeting.  
  • Remember to use the right renaming format for the different  meeting types (Workshop and Speaker meeting vs Business meeting). The renaming format for each meeting type is included in the training and etiquette documents if you have forgotten it


Assembly Dates, times, and agendas

Saturday  January 15th Assembly Agenda

 Zoom Sign in begins at 11:30 and the meeting starts promptly at 12:15 PM.

Saturday’s meeting will include:

  • Coordinator and Liaison reports 
  • Trustee At Large Affirmation and Procedures- led by Patrick B. Area 11 Panel 62 Board of Trustees Chairperson
  • KBDM Workshop – led by LouAnn A.
  • GACS presentation and discussion – led by Katherine N. Area 11 Panel 62 GACs Chairperson
  • Al-Anon Discussion Meeting  – Alateen led
  • Speaker Meeting –   tbd and Stephanie C – Area 11 Panel 62 Alateen Coordinator

Sunday January 16th Assembly Business Meeting

 Zoom Sign-in begins at  9:00 am and ends at 9:45 am.  Assembly will be from 10:00 am until business is completed.  

Due to the length of time required for processing the forms necessary to prepare for electronic voting, it is imperative that ALL PARTICIPANTS  be signed in by 9:45 on Sunday in order to participate fully, including voting.


 Assembly Business Meeting Document Links 

Documents will be added as they are received  – please check back periodically for updates.

  • Link to  Assembly Meeting documents
    • Please use the password: afgg*area11 
  • Versión en Español de los documentos de la Asamblea
    • Por favor use esta la contraseña: afgg*area11
  • There will be  several  links and folders on this page –
      • Agenda link
      • Minutes link will be added after the event has concluded and they are created by the  Area Secretary.
      • Budget documents will be in the  Financial Docs folder
      • Task Force and thought force documents as well as Coordinator and officer Reports will be in the Reports Doc Folders
      • Motions to be voted on will be in the Motions Folder
      • Everything else will be in the   Misc folder.