April 2021 AWSC

April 2021 AWSC


 The first step in preparing for AWSC is to register using the AWSC Pre-registration form

 All attendees should be pre-registered by the 13th of April  so the technology team can use the information we get from the registrations to determine what type of technical support and practice sessions are needed.

You will receive a Thank You For Registering email sometime after you submit the registration form. It will contain the links to the Saturday meeting as well as other information.  Please save that email in a place where you can easy access it on the days of Assembly.  On Wednesday, April 14th, you will also receive a calendar invite for the Assembly which you can download to your electronic calendar.

Zoom APP – you must join the meeting using the Zoom App in order to be able to vote and participate in making comments or asking questions. Please refer to the Zoom user guide if you have questions about how to get the Zoom App on your device

Please do not share the meeting links you receive with anyone else – each participant needs to be registered  individually in order to join the meeting and participate.

AWSC Date and Times: 

Saturday, April 17

  • Sign-in between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM
  • The meeting will start at 10:30 AM. 

Practice Sessions:

Practice sessions are not planned for this meeting – please refer to the Zoom User Guide and  Area 11 Virtual Meeting Process and Etiquette documents that you will receive in your thank-you for registering email.

Link to AWSC Meeting documents  The Agenda and other documentation for AWSC will be posted on the Area website as they are released. Check back periodically for updates.

There are several  links and folders on this page –

  • Agenda link
  • Minutes link will be added after the event has concluded and they are created by the  Area Secretary.
  • Budget documents will be in the  AWSC Financial Docs folder
  • Task Force and thought force documents as well as Coordinator and officer Reports will be in the AWSC Reports Doc Folders
  • NEW!! We’ve added a folder called Motions to make it easier to find motions documents
  • Everything else will be in the  AWSC Misc folder.