We have come to the close of Panel 56’s term. We’ve had a wonderful productive term in moving GA Al-Anon forward in an ever-changing culture, but staying true to our 36 principles and Legacies. Now, we come to our last Assembly for Panel 56 and this Assembly is our election Assembly! As usual, our elections will be held on Sunday and all Panel 56 GRs are encouraged to come. Panel 56 GRs are the GRs who vote for the new officers.

One thing everyone needs to remember: ALL business matters will be held on Saturday. That means that all GRs need to be in their seat at noon on Saturday for roll call and for all matters under consideration for a vote. We have a large number of motions, so please be on time.
DRs, please bring the new DRs with you and encourage new GRs to come. I’ve asked for additional seating so that we can house more visitors. Having new people will introduce them to Assembly and they can share in the excitement of the elections. Vicki L. WILL lead a new GR orientation at 11 AM!!! Please bring those new GRs.
Kathy W. has sent the minutes. All AWSC members have the other attachments about the topics of conversation.
I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday, September 15th.