Meeting Format Legend

Ever wondered what those two or three letters next to each meeting mean? They are the format of the meeting.

I’ve added to the bottom of the meeting search page a legend of what each of the codes mean.

Here’s the list:

Format Code Legend

BBeginnersThis meeting is focused on the needs of new members of Al-Anon.
CClosedThis meeting is closed to non-Al-Anons. You should attend only if you believe that you love someone who may have a problem with alcohol.
ESEspañolThis meeting is conducted in Spanish.
OOpenThis meeting is open to all. All are welcome.
WCWheelchairThis meeting is wheelchair accessible.
ENGEnglish speakingThis Meeting can be attended by speakers of English.
LaLimited AccessMeeting access is limited due to the facility's entry restrictions. These groups meet at sites such as military bases, institutions, industrial plants, or schools.
SmSmoking PermittedSmoking is permitted in this meeting.
InIntroductoryAttendance changes frequently; not considered an Al-Anon group. Attendees are invited to go to regular Al-Anon meetings.
FfFragrance FreeA Fragrance Free meeting.
AlaAlateenAlateen meeting.
AASimultaneous AA MeetingThere's an AA meeting that occurs at the same location.