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Georgia Al-Anon / Alateen Meetings

AFG = Al-Anon Family Groups

A "Closed" meeting is for anyone who is troubled by someone else's drinking.

An "Open" meeting also welcomes guests, students, and interested professionals who want to learn by observing an Al-Anon meeting. Observers attending open Al-Anon meetings are requested to abide by the principles that guide participation in all Al-Anon Family Group meetings, most especially the principles of confidentiality and anonymity that protect its members.

To Find local meetings world-wide Visit the
World Service Office Meeting Locator

This is how Group Records are updated
in the Fellowship.


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Any group changes must be made by submitting the Al-Anon Registration Group Records Change Form
If you're not sure how to fill it in, the Instructions for the Group Records Registration Change Form may help.

And This Is How to Start an Al-Anon Group

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Alateen forms are on the Alateen Page.

Only cities with meetings are listed. If you are unable to find the city you are looking for, select a
a listed city near your desired location.